Grazia has been operating in the handicrafts industry for more than three decades. It was established on August 1986 as a small business creating handmade accessories and from 1993 onwards its operations expanded to imports of ethnic gifts from asian countries.


It is a family business that consists of Dimitrios and Diamond, who managed to create a succesful and profitable enterprise with extremely limited resources. Within a short period of time they were able to maximize Grazia’s revenue in such a way so that more than ten new jobs postings were created in the five years from its beginning.


The vision of its’ founders is to provide unique and novel items that add finesse in a decorated space and stand as timeless gifts for special occasions. Our focus is to serve our customers and stakeholders as efficiently as possible; that’s why we make sure the delivery time of any order doesn’t exceed 48 hours – even if the destination is outside of Greece. Almost all of our products are designed exclusively for Grazia and are in-stock. We also manufacture seasonal goods such as Christmas ornaments and Easter candles, offer solutions for corporate gifts and develop wedding/baptism bombonieres all of which follow the latest trends in colors and fashion.


The brand name of the company comes from the Italian word ‘Grazia’ which means to move gracefully; the logo of Grazia is a pyramid. These two pieces together stand out as an artefact; they form a symbol that represents the graceful journey that one has from the bottom to the top.